Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Coachella Wishlist

My Coachella Wishlist

Here's what I would love to wear if I was rocking it up at Coachella this week! I tried to create festival outfits but ones that still really captured my personality. I definitely would wear these to a festival in the UK too, but unfortunately I'm not going to one of those either :(

Anyone want to:
1) Buy me all these clothes and,
2) Buy me a ticket to a festival  
Hehe :P

Let me know what you think of the outfits :)

Keep sparkling!



  1. I've seen so many kimonos around different blogs so far this Spring, they're so cute! Really like the boots you paired with those different shorts too - good shoes' d definitely be needed for a festival like Coachella ;)
    And haha I know what you mean though about the tickets hey? The Coachella lineup this year is AH-mazing.


    1. I think Kimono's will definitely be a festival staple this year, but I would love one for those chilly summer nights. The shoes are definitely important, they have to be cute and practical haha! And, I know! I would love to be there, OMG imagine the atmosphere!

      Thanks for popping by! xoxo

  2. great! Love your wishlist!(:


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