Monday, 14 September 2015

Review | Villoid app by Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has been one of my favourite style icons for what seems like forever. Her effort less look with a touch of class has always made my long to be let loose in her wardrobe.
As soon as I saw the Villoid app had been realised, there was no hesitation from my fingers in pressing the Get button on the App Store.

Villoid is explained as 'your very own dressing up box, where you can experiment, celebrate and play with clothes from hundreds of brands ..., as well as upload your own images to match the mood'.
Opening page
The fashion app allows you to follow fashion brands and fellow Villoid-ers and create fashion boards of your favourite items, using products listed on the site and also from using your own photos from your device (If anyone has ever used Polyvore, then you may agree with me that it's a very similar concept). 

Creating a board
You can also browse products on the app and have the option of clicking buy which redirects you to the website of the brand.
Oh isn't it gorgeous!
If you don't want buy it right at that moment you can click a little heart on the product and this saves it in to your loves list, handy if you want to buy it later!
My current hopes of buying later!
The app is really well thought out and there are quite a few brands all ready to be followed, something which other apps have failed to have right from the get go. There are more designer brands on the app at this time, but this is great if you still love to browse collections and I find they are great inspirations for outfits. There are your usual high street brands on the app such as H&M and ASOS, both brands I absolutely adore, and this app will most definitely encourage some naughty purchases once I'm back from living in Canada!
You can like boards and follow Villoid-ers !

I loved Polyvore, but with many of the clothes being from outside the UK and making the boards sometimes could glitch and not save or just crash, I soon fell out of love with it. Alexa's app Villoid really seems to have a much more simplistic way of making boards and I love it!

There are some improvements that could be made for the app to make the ease of looking to buy much easier. For some reason when I'm on the products screen, all the prices come up in euros, I'm not sure if this is the same for you? So for me it's really hard to know if one its in my budget and two whether in fact it's available in the UK.
Products list, but why in Euros?
It also a bummer if you fall in love with an item but when you open it on the direct website of the brand, the worst words a shopaholic can see, the dreaded, out of stock. I'm not sure size selection will ever be an option, but it would be so much more helpful! 
Filters for products

I'm super impressed with this app ( so impressed I just had to blog about it!) and can see it's something I'm going to be come obsessed with! It's an app that's great for passing time and creating dream outfits is so much fun!

Do you love the app too?

Ren xoxo