Sunday, 12 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas | '13

Hiy everyone! Here's just a few things I got for Christmas this year :) I have also done a youtube video (which is at the bottom of this post) to go with this so check it out! It lists the things that I had and theres a few things in the video that aren't in the pictures!

Firstly, this is some of the make-up and hair products I had. I got two Revlon Photoready Primers, two Revlon Colourstay Foundations Combination/Oily in Ivory, 2 Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara, a free Revlon Nail Polish in Stunning and two Bleach London hair dyes in Blullini and Rose (I highly rate these products, 3 weeks on and my hairs still blue!). I will be rating some of these products in an upcoming blog!

This is something I am super excited to share with you. For a couple years I have wanted Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume but unfortunately it has always been outside of my price range. Thanks to my Mom and Dad I know own a bottle! It such a gorgeous smell and for anyone who gets the stingy nose thing when smelling perfume I suggest something like this. 

As lucky as I have already been with my Flowerbomb perfume, my Mom and Dad surprised me again with this Oral B Professional Care Toothbrush in Precision Clean. It even comes with a handy travel case which is perfect for someone who loves to travel and is constantly to-ing and fro-ing from university and home. I will be reviewing this on my blog to so look out for it if your interested in getting one yourself!

I also got some jewellery this year, as someone who is a fan of understated pieces I LOVE EVERYTHING I GOT! I had some dangly earrings which look really cute with a monochrome casual outfit as they really add a different dimension to an outfit. These were from my Mom and Dad. My best friend in the whole wide world brought me some lovely pieces from Kukee, if you haven't already go check out their shop! I had a moon necklace, wings necklace, pinkie promise necklace (how adorable!), peace ring, planet ring, midi ring and my favourite an anchor ring.

This pinkie promise necklace is so beautiful and original I love it!

 This anchor ring is my favourite as when my best friend Dan gave it to me, he told me he brought it as I am his anchor :') How beautiful my Dan is <3

This is one of my favourite necklaces of all time, so you can probably tell I am a massive Harry Potter fan! This 9 and 3/4 necklace was also given to me by Dan (he knows me 100%!) and is so perfect! It is in antique gold and has a mid length chain which makes it great for dressing up a plain T.

This cute Boofle teddy, was given to me by my Mom and Dad. It has a cute little coat on which says very special daughter and the coat can even be taken off! I love things like this, they are very dear to my heart and Booey has came back with me to my flat at university to keep me company :)

So there we go, just a few thing that I have been really privileged to be given :) Look out for some reviews on the products and I hope to see you back very soon! 

Keep Sparkling! xoxo


  1. Looks like you got some amazing stuff for christmas. I'm so jealous of your toothbrush hahaha!

  2. I've been really lucky this year :) It is brilliant! My teeth are now literally squeaky clean ha!

    Reniee xoxo

  3. you got some lovely things! I really want to try the bleach dyes! x

    1. Thank you! I've just done a review on the Blullini colour Here if you want to check it out!

      I've just checked out your blog and I love it and have followed :)

      Reniee xoxo

  4. Haha great 9 3/4 necklace!! I also was looking at those hot water bottle covers - so cute haha and aww that little teddy :P
    Looks like you got some great presents!! :)

    1. Yeah I did I am really lucky :) The teddy is back at uni sitting on my bed keeping me company!

      Reniee xoxox


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