Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review | Oral B Precision Clean Toothbrush

Today I am reviewing the Oral B Precision Clean Toothbrush that I had for Christmas. I have never been one for an electric toothbrush but after being given one for Christmas I was up for the challenge of dumping my manual toothbrush!

Cleaning - Well the most important factor is the cleaning abilities the toothbrush has! This toothbrush is BRILLIANT! My teeth have never felt so clean outside of a dentist's chair! This toothbrush has the right speed and seems to get into the areas that my manual toothbrush just can't get to. I have very cramped together teeth so nooks and crannies can sometimes be hard to clean but the brush head is small and seems to reach these areas! I also have wisdom teeth growing and I have a small mouth so reaching the back can make me gag(sorry for the TMI) but with this that wasn't a problem as the brush head was smaller. This toothbrush also pauses for a second every 30 seconds to remind you to go on to the next quadrant, this happens 3 times, on the fourth time which is after 2 minutes, it pauses twice to tell you to finish brushing. I think this is genius! Everywhere I run my tongue along my teeth its plaque free and my mouth feels super fresh, INCREDIBLE!

Handling - Sometimes using a electric toothbrush can be hard to hold especially since the handle is much bigger than a usual manual toothbrush. This toothbrush is quite slim which does make it easier to hold then one I have previously, but I am still not used to the size or the weight that the brush which makes me a little clumsy with the brush, but I expect over time that will improve. It does also have grip on the handle which does make it easy to hold.

Design - Now on to the design, I firstly want to shout out that it is PINK! Which is super cute in my opinion. The design is really cute and I love the way it looks. Its so smart and incorporated in the pink-ness is grip so it helps you keep that toothbrush in your hand! It is a little heavier than your normal toothbrush which is hard to get used to but in a few weeks I should be used to that. One of the other things I love about this toothbrush is that it comes with a handy travel case which has space for two toothbrush heads. As some one who loves travelling and also travels a lot between university and home this is a brilliant extra!

Overall - I can't really give a rating on the price as this was given as a present. So rating without that in mind, I will give this brush 10/10! I love this toothbrush and can't wait to use it everyday! I know my teeth will be much cleaner from now on and my manual toothbrush is on the way to the tip!

Thanks of reading!

Keep Sparkling ♥ xoxo

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