Thursday, 2 January 2014

Outfits | Dreaming of summer.

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons, I love the weather, food, time spent with family and love those orange, red and brown colours you can pull from the wardrobe. Yet, there has been very little snow and early sunny frosty mornings and many rainy and extremely windy weeks, YUK! So I'm sat here dreaming of summer to be back so I can pull out some skirts I brought just as autumn was beginning from various charity shops. I had all three for under £10! Very thrifty!

I can't wait to wear this outfit with curly hair, minimum make-up and some t-bar shoes!

I love adding a bit of grunge to my outfit and this skirt can definitely do that when teamed with this black crop top and feather necklace. This skirt is so versatile! It looks great with a cream shirt for a work look or a cream jumper which really brings this skirt into a winter look!

This skirt is so this season and I brought this in august before even knowing this type of skirt would be a hit! It is actually like a kilt in the way it fastens and I have to safety pin it down so I don't catch the wind and reveal to much! Unfortunately the coat I have brought this year doesn't go well with it so I'm saving this for when the temperatures are higher in spring.

I hope you like these outfits and give you some early inspiration for spring/summer :)

Keep sparkling! x

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