Monday, 3 February 2014

Review | Bleach London Blullini Hair Dye

So if you've seen any of my recent Instagram pictures or my most recent video, you might have noticed that my hair is blue! This is due to the brilliant brand Bleach London. My best friend is a hairdresser and had heard through the grape vine that Bleach London products were pretty good, and so lovingly passed the information on to me! When I heard that they had so many different colours, I couldn't wait to ditch my usual wacky hair dye brand crazy colours to try this!

The design of the bottle is so cool, its quite a small bottle which is really cute but after dying my hair I still had 1/4 of the bottle left, which is great if i decide to dye it again some day. When I first came to use it I was expecting that usual ghastly smell of hair dye, but not with Bleach London! The smell is gorgeous! The colour in the bottle is more of a purple colour, but don't worry it definitely goes blue! My best friend Dan, died my hair for me so the cover of the dye was perfect but my hair being a multitude of blondes some bits did dye better than others. It also left my hair really soft which was quite surprising. 
As you can see it looks really purple!

This is how it looked straight after. 
Excuse the no make-up deal going on there!
Also my iPhone didn't really show the true colour :(

The colour it turned out to be was a very vibrant turquoise colour. Which I did love but was expecting more of a subtle blue. Fortunately, when I washed it out it turned more like the colour I wanted it to be but wasn't exactly the perfect colour I was after but it was pretty close! This colour was just a bit more green than I expected it to be.

Looking more like what I was expecting it too!

Now the staying power of this hair dye is extremely good, a month on and many washes later I'm still pretty blue! As you can see my roots have kind of washed out but the ends are still definitely blue. If you are planning on only having this hair dye for a little while then it might not be for you, BUT they do sell a washing out liquid but I haven't tried this to know if it does work, but I am planning on getting some soon as I am bored and want to you use my Rose coloured one!

The price of this hair dye was £5 but at the time I had these they were 3 for 2 in Boots which was a great offer seeing as I got 2 hair dyes and a reincarnation mask for £10! I don't think this offer is on anymore though :( Yet, I still think without this offer, the price is amazing. I would pay around £5.50 for the brand "Crazy Colour" and within 3 washes it would be like I never had it in at all. With the staying power of Bleach London I will definitely not be going back!

Overall, I would give this Bleach London Blullini 9/10! Well done Bleach London you have a very pleased customer :) The only thing to let this product down was the colour wasn't exactly what I was expecting but I did still love the colour anyway :)

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Keep Sparkiling xoxo


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